Here’s what I’m thinking…

You’re feeling disconnected… from yourself —
As if you looked up one day, and you don’t even know who you are anymore…

You don’t even recognize who you’ve become –
your body is unfamiliar,
your thoughts aren’t truly your own,
your center is… off.

And when I ask you to dance it out with me, you think perhaps I’m a little… off…

But, hey, why not?  Because…

You’re feeling disappointed– with help.

Self-help… books, workshops, therapy, retreats, journaling, thinking, searching…

You’ve dabbled in a little bit of this, and a little bit of that –
but I’m willing to bet you haven’t tried to step, step, tap, shake, and shimmy…
You haven’t asked your body to show you the way,
You haven’t twirled and whirled and flailed about awkwardly. ugly.

To the beautiful joyful truth within.

Come on, take a spin with me.

You might be surprised by what shakes loose,

what gives way,

what opens up, what frees you,

who you become…

When you dance ugly. Dance awkward.

“It’s like life coaching + a workout + therapy all in one!”